The concept


It is a short for “satisfied”.  Used to express extreme satisfaction, usually used in reaction to an aesthetically pleasing. As a suffix stands for making something like the word it is attached to.


Our dark kitchen is inspired by Osaka, the world’s street food capital. We have taken international popular urban dishes, flavours, cultures and traditions, and we have Japanified them. Ideal for one person or to share with others, we have developed a menu adapted to any need, offering takoyakis, gyozas, chicken wings, our specials spicy soft shell crab and wagyu sliders, among others trend dishes like our blue corn tortilla tacos FIY kits.


For more than fifteen years the UOK founders (Veronica, Felipe and Osamu) had been developing Japanese restaurant concepts, providing management, strategic planning, marketing and design and have a proven record of successful concept development. They have the knowledge and expertise to create and define restaurants, the brand positioning and expansion, from the initial idea through to the construction, start-up and beyond. 

The team has advised and eaten in different Nihon restaurants around the world including Chicago, Miami, California, Madrid, Barcelona, San Sebastian, Paris, Caracas, Santiago, San Juan, Tokyo and of course, London. They were the creators and founders of SushiOlé (Madrid 2004-2008), Sushi House (Mallorca 2008-2010), Japo Express (Mallorca 2010-2011), Oh! Sushi (Miami 2011-2012), Sugoi JPN (London 2018 – Currently).

The hospitality industry in UK has recognised their concepts and their brand Sugoi JPN has received many awards and accolades as a result, including:

  • Best Takeaway Chef in Britain 2019 - The British Takeaway Awards
  • Finalist for Best Takeaway in Central London 2019 - The British Takeaway Awards
  • Takeaway of the Year (East London) 2020 – The Food Awards London
  • Finalist for The Good Food Awards 

Our Japanese street food restaurant is based in London and covers Stockwell, South Wimbledon, Shoreditch and Soho